Breaking---Plane Crash

There is a report that a small plane has hit the upper floors of a New York apartment building. WABC broke it a few minutes ago. I’m on a PDA, so I can’t link right now, but I will continue to monitor the situation.

3:06 PM--Drudge is saying that it was a helicopter...Fox News Radio is also saying that it was an ‘undetermined’ type of aircraft. However, it looks accidental.

3:15--Again, sorry about the link, but Little Green Footballs has a screen capture of the damage. Had to be a very small aircraft. No report of injuries as of yet.

3:20--Maybe this is proof of my mindset, but did you notice the date is 10-11? 9-11, 3-11....I hope I am wrong....

3:28--per Pajamas Media, there are two confirmed dead and an unknown number trapped above the fire, which is on the 20th floor. is all over it as well, telling us that the FBI is sending counter-terrorism teams to the site. Witnesses say the plane lost altitude. He says it might have been a stall, and that would fit the description given, but the fog of war hasn’t cleared yet.

3:40--WNBC is saying that a law enforcement officer told them that the plane made a sharp turn towards the building. Also, the USAF has scrambled fighters over several cities.

3:47--WNBC is reporting that the NYFD has fully contained the fire, and that there is no damage to the structural integrity of the building.

3:54: Pieces of fixed-wing aircraft found at the base of the building plus a body still strapped in a seat. I’ll update later.

7:40--Dear Lord, what you miss when the power goes out. We had a little tornado in the area, so I was away from thye computer for the duration of the storms.