Disease from the South

I hope you’re taking your Centrum.

Go read this article, and then head back here. Done? Okay, now if you notice, all of the confirmed cases of the plague are in border states, such as California, New Mexico, and Texas, with the exception of Colorado, but we’ll get to that in a second. All of these states border with the filth from the south, also known as the third world country of Mexico, where disease runs and rampant as corruption. Colorado is a special case, because its illegal immigrant population is building faster than hell.

Now, common sense is telling me this - the plague hasn’t existed in civilized countries for hundreds of years. But due to the fact that we refuse to secure our borders, thus allowing thousands of born-in-the-dirt illegal immigrants to pass through it every year, not only are our ghettos growing and our population busting at the seams, but we’re getting diseases in our country that shouldn’t even exist anymore.

Can someone please tell me why we’re putting up with this crap?

The danger of modern secular progressivism

Life is cheap and laws don’t mean anything unless they can be used to punish “others”.

A few years ago during the ‘04 election cycle, Air America host Randi Rhodes asserted on air that someone should take Bush out and shoot him, “just like Fredo {Corleone}.” (Link to audio file)

During that same election, a St. Petersburg Florida Democratic committee encouraged people - in writing! - to put Rumfeld “up against the wall ... and pull the trigger”.

Current Senator and former Democratic Presidential candidate (garnering 48% of the vote) John Kerry has now claimed on HBO that he would be willing to go to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and “kill the real bird with one stone”. (Link to YouTube clip)

What does the law say about threatening the President, Vice President, or (for that matter) ANYONE in line of Presidential succession?

As it has been eloquently put:

A “letter to the editor”, or speech intelligently attacking the President’s every action and policy is our right and should never be construed as a physical threat. Screaming obscenities in the President’s face, sending threatening mail to the White House, or publicly stating a desire to see the President harmed are not only acts of shameful disrespect, they should always be considered threats under the law.

When do we start making the distinction between honest disagreement over policy and actually wishing one’s opponent would DIAF? When are we going to stop ignoring clear and present threats because “we’re bigger than that”?

Let’s set an example. Let’s start prosecuting and throwing a few people in jail. This isn’t a First Amendment “Freedom of Speech” issue, not any more. These morons are actually encouraging people to commit murder for political purposes. It’s about time they were held responsible for those actions.