Had a Great Labor Day

We had the two elder daughters (the youngest one has a boss that wouldn’t let her off for the holiday) and a few of the grandkids over for a BBQ and poker party yesterday. We had a lot of fun, a lot of food, and I gotta give props to the eldest daughter’s husband who valiantly volunteered to handle chef duties on the grill, despite the triple digit temperatures outside and the fact that he was ill (and never bothered to tell us until later. The middle daughter’s husband was very helpful on the grill, too (we ended up having to use a wedding cake server for a spatula, because I don’t have any metal spatulas in my kitchen. (Teflon pans and metal spatulas don’t mix well.)

We had steaks and sirloin burgers and baked beans and corn-on-the-cob and potato salad and Mexican rice and I don’t know what all else. Oh, and cookies (chocolate chip and raisin). The granddaughters put in a hard day’s work in aboiut two hours cleaning out Nana’s closet for her.

But everyone took home something special… I gave a copy of my entire music collection to the grandson (who is enjoying married life, even if they don’t actually have a kitchen yet - the cabinets are supposed to arrive soon). His sister got all of my magic collection, with instructional videos. The two other granddaughters got a bunch of computer games and a copy of the “Little House” series of audiobooks (they already have their iPods).

Middle daughter’s computer had been badly infected with spyware, malware and porn Trojans, so I had to recycle to zero (format the drive and re-install all of the operating systems), but it was so infected that I had to change the BIOS and run everything from DOS. (That’s the technological equivalent of using a penny as an ersatz fuse.) They lost all of their stuff that wasn’t archived, but at least they have their computer back, at any rate. (One problem cropped up later - hubbie had forgotten to tell anyone what the security password was, so no one could log in, and he was asleep before his early morning shift this morning.)

But we had fun, and laughed a whole lot. The new granddaughter-in-law needs to learn how to play poker before the next gettogether, though. She’s as sweet as anyone I’ve met, but she has no poker face whatsoever.

So how was your Labor Day?